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Projects – Page 2 – UNDP Compendium


UNDP Iraq 5.2 Iraq Re:Coded: Increasing Access to ICT Training and Learning; Access to Global Wage Earning Employment

Re:Coded provides IDPs and refugees with ICT training in software coding and the English language as well as soft skills to give them direct access to global wage-earning potential.

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Mercy Corps 5.3 Improved Networks, Training and Jobs (INTAJ) in Lebanon – Improving Stability and Resilience Through Reduced Unemployment and Increased Income for Businesses

In 2015, with stalled job growth in Lebanon, existing studies identified several characteristics…

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UNIDO AFAD 5.4 Vocational Training for Syrian Youth and Women Refugees in Turkey

The project serves vulnerable populations who need support to reach self-sufficiency and integrate into the formal labour force.

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DRC 5.5 Sustainable Livelihood Solutions to Displacement-Affected Syrians, IDP and Host Communities in KRI

In the Kurdistan Region of Iraq (KRI), 78% of IDPs require livelihood support to meet their basic needs. After conducting a labour market assessment in early 2015, the findings indicated a variety of needs to strengthen livelihoods.

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FAO 5.6 Emergency Vaccination and Feeding of Livestock Along the Syria-Lebanon Border and Poultry Farmer Field Schools

The large influx of Syrian refugees into Lebanon (an estimated 1 million) constitutes a major challenge for the agriculture sector, the main source of income and livelihoods for a large proportion of the population.

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Kiron 5.7 Higher Education for Refugees

With less than 1% of refugees globally having access to higher education, there is a need to increase the access and affordability of university-level education.

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Concern Worldwide 6.1 Protecting the Rights and Promoting Resilience of Syrian Refugees and Their Host Communities

Of the nearly 5 million people who have fled Syria to live in neighbouring countries, three out of four are women and children. Refugee men feel it is their duty to support their families but often cannot find the means…

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UNDP Jordan 5.9 Emergency Employment Through the 3 X 6 Approach

The presence of a large number of Syrians in Jordanian host communities is having a significant impact on the host communities, including increasing perceived competition for available job opportunities, lowering wage level and exacerbating already poor working conditions for low paid jobs.

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UN Women 6.2 Leap Women’s Leadership, Empowerment, Access & Protection in Crisis Response- Jordan Component in Camp Settings

The protracted nature of the Syrian conflict has placed severe pressures on families and this is reflected through increases in domestic violence, child labour, early marriage, and economic hardship.

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UNDP Egypt 6.3 Public Works / Cash-For-Work for Women Beneficiaries

In light of high unemployment and poverty rates and a lack of basic social services in the most marginalised governorates in Egypt, the Social Fund for Development and UNDP launched…

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UNDP Turkey 6.4 Supporting the Adaptation of Syrian Women Living in Southeast Anatolia

The protracted crisis makes the lives of Syrian women more difficult and calls for longer-term solutions for their wellbeing. Women often suffer difficulties adapting to a new culture…

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